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Fortnite Update V3.3 Release Date Explained: When Will Fortnite 3.3 Be Out?

Fortnite V3.3 is just a short ways away, but players are wondering when exactly it will be released. Epic Games has been great about consistently updating Battle Royale and the PvE portion called Save the World on an almost weekly basis for the last several months as the game continues to grow more and more.

Fortnite Update 3.3 is set to be another major update that will bring with it new content, potential map updates, possible new emotes, and more. Epic Games has been teasing this update recently, keeping tight lips regarding what V3.3 will actually entail when it comes out. Here’s what we know about when it will release.

Fortnite Update 3.3 Release Date Explained: When Will Fortnite V3.3 Be Out?

Fortnite V3.3 is certain to be released very soon; this week, in fact. Before we go into Update 3.3’s new release date (yes, new), let’s take a look at what has happened with this update recently. Originally, V3.3 was supposed to be out right now as of the publishing of this guide, but it isn’t.

Unfortunately, this delay for Fortnite 3.3 is because of a problem that has occurred in the release of the update. This bug or error is causing Epic Games to delay update V3.3 until tomorrow at the earliest. We don’t know an exact release date yet, but we suspect that tomorrow, March 15th, it will be out.

If you want to know exactly when this new update releases, be sure to keep a close eye here or on the official Twitter page for the game. Fortnite V3.3 is currently shrouded in mystery, though, Epic has teased the llama pinatas as seen above. We suspect they are hidden loot pinatas that must be beaten in order to obtain their contents. For more on the Fortnite V3.3 patch notes, stay tuned.