Monster Hunter World NP-31980-1

Monster Hunter World NP-31980-1 Error Explained: How to Fix This Error

There is an NP-31980-1 Monster Hunter World error code that is plaguing players across the game right now. This error prevents you from joining up on a quest with other players, which is annoying and unfortunate if you are wanting to play with other players. This is a pretty sucky error, but you aren’t alone.

Several players are faced with the NP-31980-1 Monster Hunter World error, which can be extremely frustrating for anyone that wants to tackle quests with someone else. Whether you’re having trouble with a particular quest or simply want to farm for materials and items more easily with others, you’ll need to fix this error.

How to Fix the NP-31980-1 Monster Hunter World Error

Let’s explain the NP-31980-1 Monster Hunter World error first. Basically, the problem is very simple and equally easy to fix. This error code is given mostly while trying to join a quest and the room is completely full with no way to get in. Of course, when you first try to join a quest, it may look like there is a spot open, but this error is given if someone happens to join right before you do.

The NP-31980-1 Monster Hunter World error is simple enough to fix because of its easy cause. If you are joining a quest that is quite popular like a Tempered one, then it is possible that someone might beat you to joining the quest. Because of this, there are a couple of things you can do.

The first way of fixing (or preventing) this NP-31980-1 Monster Hunter World error is contacting someone and making a private quest with a password so others can’t join before you. Another way of fixing this is simply being patient and waiting for another. If you don’t want to wait, we recommend being the host for the quest(s) you’re looking to do.

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