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PUBG Green Blood Explained: How to Turn on Green Blood in PUBG

Have you ever wanted to see blood clearer in matches? Then PUBG Green Blood might be for you. This option is lesser known in the community, but it does help to make blood more easily seen anywhere during matches. Similar to the blue blood that we’ve already covered, this option allows you to see other players’ blood (or your own) as green.

This may seem like a strange choice to make for some, but it does play a few good purposes. Like we mentioned already, it is much easier to see the green blood than it is to see red blood. This can make tracking enemies and whatnot much better. It also helps if you want a child to play but without the red blood everywhere.

PUBG Green Blood Explained: How to Turn on Green Blood in PUBG

Whether or not you think it’s blue or green, you can turn on the PUBG Green Blood for helping you out during fights. This is a great option that you should consider. Unfortunately, turning on green blood has nothing to do with colorblind options as you would expect. Instead, there are a couple of other options.

For one, there are official Nvidia colorblind options that you can turn on using the drivers. Another way is changing the language of the game to Korean or Chinese, but there is a far easier option than any of those that you find will below for turning on the PUBG Green Blood:

  • Go to the Steam client and find the game
  • Right click on the game and select “properties”
  • Select “set launch options”
  • Type in the box “-KoreanRating” exactly like that minus the quotation marks
  • All done!

Have fun with your PUBG Green Blood!

Image Credit: Go Team