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Fortnite Mobile Controller Support Explained: Can You Use a Controller on Mobile?

Gamers everywhere were shocked to find out that a mobile version of the unbelievably popular Battle Royale mode was coming to mobile. But is there Fortnite mobile controller support? That would certainly be helpful in bridging the gap between the mobile version and the console ones as cross-play between them is available.

It would certainly make sense for Fortnite mobile controller support to exist, being that mobile players are going to typically be at a disadvantage against console and PC players online. That would help to even the playing field, and make it more likely for mobile players to get a win in Battle Royale.

Is There Fortnite Mobile Controller Support?

The answer to the question of if there is Fortnite mobile controller support is kinda complicated as you would expect. Epic Games only recently announced the invite-only event for testing out Battle Royale on iOS devices with the first round of invitations being sent out just at the end of last week.

The game is certainly still in the beta phase, especially considering it hasn’t even been given a release date for Android. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that there isn’t Fortnite mobile controller support just yet. However, do not lose hope, mobile players, as the support is definitely on its way in the future.

In the official unveiling of the mobile version on the official Epic Games website, there is an FAQ section at the bottom that answers some hot questions regarding the game. One of these is will Bluetooth controllers work? The answer that Epic gives is that Fortnite mobile controller support isn’t initially available, but will come later. Keep it locked right here for when we have word on when Fortnite mobile controller support arrives.