Xbox Insider 1804 Update Patch Notes: What Changes Have Been Made

Those signed up to the Xbox Insider program can expect a brand-new update shortly. The Xbox Insider Update 1804 will include a fix for Dolby Home Theatre Audio but, more pertinently, the patch notes also provide a list of known issues that the Insider Team are working on.

When is the Xbox Insider 1804 Update?

Very, very soon. 6pm Pacific/9pm EST if you’re living across the pond. For those in the UK, you’ll have the pleasure of waiting until 1am GMT until your update goes live. Those who have set their Xbox One consoles to Instant-On mode will see the update download by itself and return to standby.

Xbox Insider 1804 Update Patch Notes: What Changes Have Been Made?

The Xbox Insider blog has revealed the one major fix that comes with the Xbox Insider 1804 update, as well as some issues the team are working on. There’s even half-a-dozen workarounds to help get problems fixed.

Fixes: Audio 

  • We have resolved issues with Dolby Atmos for Home Theater and certain AVR models that did result in random sound cut outs.  The receiver should now correctly display with the ATMOS stream is detected and accurately reproduce ATMOS channels.

Known Issues: Pi-Hole

  • Pi-hole users may encounter issues signing in, creating, or recovering accounts upon downloading the 1804 update. This is due to a new configuration file which is downloaded from a URL Pi-hole blocks by default.
  • Workaround: Add to the Pi-hole allowed IP address list.


  • Netflix on Monitor only works at 1080p and does not support 1440p – Netflix is aware of the issue.  Workaround: If watching Netflix on a Monitor/LCD please set the display output to 1080p.


  • We are investigating an issue in which some users are experiencing the console shutdown after you turn it on.  Workaround – Simply turn the console back on.

Virtual Keyboard

  • The virtual keyboard disappears randomly when inputting text.
  • Chinese virtual keyboard not working in this build. Workaround- plug in a USB keyboard.

HDR Issues

  • Some users are discovering that some games are not showing in HDR – Please file feedback when you encounter this to help in the investigation and please provide the make and model of your TV and the firmware version.

Spotify Search

  • Some users are discovering that the search function in Spotify is not working. Please file feedback when you encounter this to help in the investigation.
  • Workaround– Type in a search hit enter and nothing happens. Click the left stick twice and it searches properly.

Controller sharing/ Co-pilot vibration issues

  • Some users may experience a problem with a controller vibrating non-stop when using the share controller or the co-pilot feature.


  • Loss of center channel when Windows Sonic enabled
  • Audio lag in various games and apps being tracked

Mixer – Games UWP Games

  • There is an issue with broadcasting UWP Games. If you start a game then proceed to load Mixer and the broadcast fails we are tracking this issue.  Workaround– Start Mixer to broadcast then start the game and you can broadcast while the game is running.