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FIFA 18 Downward Headers: How to Beat This Week’s Challenge

If you’ve been living under a soccer-shaped rock this past week, you’ll know it’s FIFA 18 Ultimate Team’s ninth birthday and, with that, comes challenges. One of the most taxing Ultimate Team Weekly Objectives to date is the downward header challenge. Even at the best of times, it can be a tricky beast to wrangle. Here’s how to pull of a downward header perfectly every time, and get another Weekly Objective complete.

How to perform a FIFA 18 Downward Header: Best players, strategies

The St. Patrick’s Day-themed Leprechauns Weekly Objective requires you to score 10 downward headers in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team before the deadline expires on March 22.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: to perform a FIFA 18 downward header, you must double tap B/circle when the ball is within head height of your player. Holding the joystick in the direction of the cross can also help with completing the downward header Weekly Objective. Waiting underneath the ball rather than running on to it seems the best trick, but it can be down to pot-luck in some cases.

It should go without saying that players with outstanding aerial ability (including, but not limited to, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani and Robert Lewandowski) should be your first port of call. Additionally, you don’t have to get this achievement online so, if you’re in the mood for cheesing it, you’re more than welcome to fire up Squad Battles on Beginner mode.

When it comes to crossing the ball, you are more likely to get luck coming across the ball from a lofted through ball (LB + Y/L1 + Triangle) than you are a traditional cross. However, players who have the Early Crosser trait are able to whip balls into the mixer with aplomb, and you shouldn’t discount their ability when coupled with elite, powerful strikers and their knack for anticipating where a cross is coming from.

How to beat the FIFA 18 Downward Header Weekly Objective

The Leprechauns Weekly Objective, upon completion, will see you unlock an untradeable 77-rated St Patrick’s Day Harry Arter card. To complete it, you’ll need to score 10 FIFA 18 downward headers before March 22.

You can complete the Weekly Objective using any of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team game modes, Squad Battles, Weekend League Qualification, and so on. You can also finish the Weekly Objective by playing against the AI, should you wish.