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PUBG Mobile Bots: Are There Bots in PUBG Mobile?

Many players are asking if PUBG Mobile bots are a thing. This is likely down to how easy the game seems to be, when first starting out. I’ve won both games that I’ve played so far, and noticed a good number of enemies acting odd, and employing strategies that I haven’t come across on PC. And by “strategies,” I mean running straight towards me and shooting in bizarre, inaccurate bursts.

Are these just bad players, getting used to first-person shooter mechanics on mobile? Or are they in fact PUBG Mobile bots? Here’s what you need to know.

PUBG Mobile Bots: Are There Bots in PUBG Mobile?

Searching across social media and forums, it does seem that an awful lot of players are reporting that PUBG Mobile bots do indeed exist. The initial few games you play will be pretty much filled with easy-to-kill robots. The AI is poor and provides little challenge.

PUBG Mobile bots are likely used to give a good first impression for those new to the game. If you’re winning, you’re having a good time, and more likely to return.

PUBG Mobile Bots: How to Tell If Enemies Are Bots

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PUBG Mobile bots are easily spotted by how they act. If you’re at all familiar with the game on PC or Xbox One, you’ll know that most players won’t stand out in the open, and will often stay still if they hear you. The bots in PUBG Mobile do the opposite, making a racket and letting you know where they are.

That’s not to say that PUBG Mobile bots are totally inept, as some did manage to land a few shots against me. I’d advise still being cautious, even if they are just AI!