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PUBG Flare Gun: How to Get the Flare Gun in PUBG

The PUBG flare gun was sneakily added to the game with the latest update. Most players won’t have seen the weapon used, due to it currently only being available in custom matches. It’s pretty damn powerful, and will likely be rebalanced before making its way to live servers.

Here’s what you need to know about the PUBG flare gun, including the locations where it can be found.

PUBG Flare Gun: How to Get the Flare Gun in PUBG

The PUBG flare gun is currently only available in custom matches, meaning you won’t be able to find and use it in normal rounds. When a flare is fired into the air, a loot drop starts to fall into the area. Unlike regular drops, players can choose where the bundle of goodies lands.

Only one of these special packages can fall at a time, so don’t go trying to spam flares and get a bunch of loot, as it simply won’t work.

PUBG Flare Gun: PUBG Flare Gun Locations

Unlike with normal, randomized weapon drop locations, the PUBG flare gun is currently spawning in the same areas.

See below for the Erangel map spawns, with the 10 current PUBG flare gun locations (via Fugglet on YouTube):

pubg flare gun

Head to a location marked above, grab the PUBG flare gun, and fire a shot straight into the air. If the shot has been successful, it will stay in the air for a short time. You’ll then see a package fall, filled with weapons and other useful equipment.

It’s not yet known when, or even if, the PUBG flare gun will be available in public matches. Stay tuned to GameRevolution for all future PUBG updates.