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PUBG UE81 Gun: What Is the New PUBG Weapon?

Hinted at in the PUBG 2018 Roadmap blog post, are new PUBG weapons and attachments, with the PUBG UE81 gun given as an example. This “UE81 gun” is causing the community some confusion, as it’s difficult to identify what actual weapon it is from the provided teaser image.

Let’s try take a closer look and try to work out what the PUBG UE81 gun is.

PUBG UE81 Gun: What Is the New PUBG Weapon?

We think the PUBG UE81 gun is most likely a modernized FAL / FN Fal or a derivative. A comparison of the in-game weapon next to the DS Arms FAL SA58 can be seen below.


PUBG UE81 Gun: When Will It Be Added to the Game?

It’s not clear when the PUBG UE81 gun will be added to PUBG. It will most likely be added to the Experimental Test Server, before then making its way to the normal Test Server, and then finally launching on the PC live build. During that process, you can expect the weapon’s damage and other stats to be tweaked and balanced.

Once it is available on PC live servers, development should begin on bringing the weapon to Xbox players.-