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PUBG New Maps: PUBG 4×4 Map, Adriatic and Xbox Miramar

More details about the upcoming PUBG new map experiences have been given, with a PUBG 4×4 map, Adriatic map, and Xbox Miramar release date all being shared in the PUBG Roadmap 2018 blog post. All of the PUBG new maps detailed below are scheduled to launch in 2018. PC players on the Experimental Test Server will get the earliest access to the new environments, so if you have a PC, get the Test Servers downloaded!

PUBG New Map: New PUBG 4×4 Map

The new PUBG 4×4 map promises a “higher player density” and “shorter matches.” At half the size of the other maps, the PUBG 4×4 map will force players closer together, meaning more gunfights and less downtime (i.e. less running about and doing nothing!).

In the PUBG Roadmap 2018 post, the developers shared concept art of the new PUBG 4×4 map. Check it out below, and try to spot the landmarks which you think will be the most popular landing spots.

pubg new maps

PUBG New Map: New PUBG Adriatic Map

Little is known about the new PUBG Adriatic map. It will be an 8x8km map, like the current Erangel and Miramar maps. The Adriatic map will feature landmarks that include: a snowy mountaintop, a forest area, and a cosmodrome.

PUBG New Map: PUBG Xbox Miramar Release Date

PUBG Xbox players will soon be able to (finally) enjoy a new map. The PUBG Xbox Miramar release date is going to be during early spring. This was confirmed in the PUBG Xbox roadmap.

Other new Xbox maps will likely follow, once they’ve been tested on the PC version, and are deemed suitable for the console.