PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018: Miramar Desert Map, Improved Performance and More

PUBG has revealed the Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018, which details the improvements and new content coming to the console version. The roadmap will be rolled out over the next few months, with two to three weeks between patches.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Miramar Desert Map

The Miramar Desert Map was originally released on the PC version of PUBG recently. However, Xbox Spring Roadmap 2018 confirms that it will be coming to PUBG on the Xbox as well. No specific release date has been listed, except for an early Spring release window.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Performance Optimizations

The PUBG Development and Community Team will increase the framerate by implementing changes on Erangel’s building materials and reducing the in-game foliage composition. They also highlighted several specific technical areas which they have optimized, including game characters and their movements, the number of particle effects that are spawned by vehicles and grenades, and object collision complexity. Additionally, they have balanced the game work across all CPU cores to reduce streaming hitches when moving.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 UI Optimizations

The PUBG team plans to add HDR and Safe Zone options and improve the quality of the individual assets, as well as the speed at which they load and how they react to player’s selection.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Inventory UX Improvements

The PUBG team recognizes that the game is complicated to control and that the interface has to be intuitive and responsive. They plan to improve the experience of navigating the UI so players can make decisions much faster and easier during heated situations.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Console Controller Options Improvements

Future updates will introduce additional preset configurations to choose from and a wider set of aiming options to provide PUBG players more freedom.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Game Matchmaking Improvements

The PUBG team plans to further improve matchmaking for Duo and Squad modes, with the purpose of supporting a fair and competitive environment.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Vehicle Penetration Updates

A bullet penetration system will be applied to PUBG‘s vehicle system to promote realism. While players can already reduce the life bar of a vehicle by damaging it, future updates will allow skillful players to pierce vehicle doors and panels with precise shots, thereby damaging the players inside vehicles.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Console Player Reporting Features

The PUBG team will further streamline reporting by adding in-game tools that will empower players to more quickly submit instances of unsporting behavior in instances of solo killing, team killing, and others.

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 Other Improvements

The PUBG team has integrated Game Highlights functionality on Xbox, allowing players to easily capture and share in-game actions. Future updates will also add achievements to PUBG, in-game Player Customization Options and improvements to audio quality and directional sound. In advance of upcoming major patch releases, there will be a separate PUBG Xbox Download client available for players, so that they can participate in PUBG‘s latest content updates before they are moved to “Live”.

For more information and details, check out the PUBG Xbox Roadmap Spring 2018 here.