New PUBG gun, the Lynx AMR, is a .50 cal vehicle killer

The 12.1 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds update recently made some big improvements to Bluehole Studios’ battle royale originator. Most excitingly, though, it adds a new PUBG gun to the mix that packs some serious firepower. The Lynx AMR is a .50 caliber Anti-Materiel Rifle that acts as a hard counter to vehicles.

How to get the new Lynx AMR gun in PUBG

new PUBG gun

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds fans can loot the Lynx AMR from Care Package in Normal Matches on the Miramar map. The new PUBG gun will come to Custom Matches and Training Mode in a future game update.

Although there haven’t been any announcements, it’s possible that the new Lynx AMR weapon may come soon to PUBG Mobile. Since the developers are looking to expand the new gun’s availability over time, adding it to the Android and iPhone (iOS) app could be a natural progression.

The Lynx AMR is incredibly powerful, capable of dealing heavy damage to military equipment, armor, players, and vehicles. In an effort to counteract its massive stopping power, the new Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds gun can only carry five .50 cal bullets. Additionally, there’s no way to reload the weapon — once ammo runs dry, the Lynx AMR is essentially useless.

Unlike most other firearms, the new PUBG sniper rifle can destroy weaker vehicles (like motorcycles) in just one shot. Regular vehicles require two or three shots to disable, plus the Lynx AMR is even capable of bringing down armored BRDMs. Even better, it can penetrate the bulletproof windows to kill its occupants and save ammunition.

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