New Fortnite Dragon’s Breath Sniper and The Big Chill launcher added in patch 15.10

Epic Games has added two new Fortnite guns to its popular battle royale title in patch 15.10. Players can wield the Fortnite Dragon’s Breath Sniper and The Big Chill weapons right now, granting a couple of exciting new ways to defeat opponents. Whether opting for the lever-action rifle or what’s essentially a snowball gun, both new weapons are powerful additions to the game’s arsenal.

Epic adds new Fortnite weapons in 15.10 update

Fortnite The Big Chill launcher

With the Snowdown Shuffle playlist currently delisted having made players’ Gold Bars disappear, users will no doubt turn their attention towards grabbing the new guns in Fortnite. The new Fortnite sniper and explosive weapon are detailed below, via Fortnite leaker FortTory.

The Dragon’s Breath Sniper is a powerful, accurate, and reliable bolt-action rifle. However, its single-shot mechanism and somewhat long reload time makes for a slow rate of fire. The Big Chill grenade launcher, meanwhile,  can lob six chiller grenades that knockback enemies and cause them to slide. It deals decent damage, though is perhaps most proficient at crowd control.

Fortnite Dragon’s Breath Sniper stats

  • Rarity — Exotic
  • Ammo — Heavy Bullets
  • Reload time — 2.5 seconds
  • Magazine size — 1
  • Damage to player — 116

Fortnite The Big Chill stats

  • Rarity — Exotic
  • Ammo — Rockets
  • Reload time — 2.7 seconds
  • Magazine size — 6
  • Damage to player — 83

The Big Chill and Dragon’s Breath Sniper are lootable during battle royale matches, though players are yet to discover the most likely spawn locations. It doesn’t generally take the dedicated Fortnite community much time to unravel the game’s mysteries, so it shouldn’t be long before players know exactly how to get their hands on the new firearms.

It’s an exciting time to be a Fortnite fan, what with multiple gaming crossovers happening. Kratos from God of War joined the roster following some speculation, then Master Chief and the Halo Blood Gulch map were added to the game. Rumors suggest that Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist Arthur Morgan could be next, though there’s no concrete evidence just yet.