Fortnite Snowdown Shuffle playlist makes in-game currency disappear

The Fortnite Xmas event, Winterfest 2020, kicked off today following the v15.10 update. Rather than being a gift for gamers, however, a bug is resulting in players’ Fortnite Gold Bars disappearing. Users encounter the glitch after playing in the Snowdown Shuffle playlist, so, for now, Christmas appears to be canceled in Fortnite.

Fortnite Snowdown Shuffle playlist removed by Epic Games

Fortnite Gold Bars missing

Fortnite players filled with festive spirit excitedly booted up the battle royale game to play some Snowdown Shuffle earlier today. What these players unfortunately found was akin to a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings. The new Gold Bars currency, recently introduced in Season 5, is disappearing when users attempt to play the Fortnite Christmas LTM.

In response to missing Gold Bars in Fortnite, Epic Games has disabled the Snowdown Shuffle playlist for the time being. The developers are aware of and currently investigating the disappearing Gold Bars glitch, while also vowing that Snowdown Shuffle will “come back at a later date.”

Epic hasn’t stated whether or not affected players will have their lost Gold Bars returned, but that’s most likely the end goal. Players earn Gold Bars by completing various in-game tasks during matches, like bounties, for example. The glitch isn’t robbing players of any monetary investment as a result, though it’s still frustrating to potentially lose the time and effort put into earning them.

The community has its fingers collectively crossed for a prompt Fortnite Gold Bars hotfix. With Christmas fast approaching, the Snowdown Shuffle playlist also needs to make its return ASAP. Epic is usually quick to release updates and patches, so hopefully, the holidays won’t cause delays to the usual schedule.

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