New Fortnite update adds Among Us-esque mode, 120 FPS option, and more

The Fortnite 2.97 update patch notes (also known as 15.10) are now available. In a combination of efforts from developer Epic Games with the official details and dataminers with leaked information, GameRevolution has compiled the full list of patch notes.

Fortnite 2.97 Update Patch Notes

Fortnite 2.97 Update Patch Notes

Operation Snowdown

Winter is coming this week. Join Snowmando for new Quests, chilling Items added to the Island, and new fan-favorite LTMs you won’t wanna miss. Complete all the Operation: Snowdown Quests and earn a ton of free snowy cosmetics, including two exclusive Outfits.

New LTM: Spy Within

Drop into a new LTM playlist, Spy Within, featuring new games made by top community creators. The team of Spies must hunt down the team of Agents as they complete objectives. Don’t act sus, or the agents will vote you off the island!

New Items

Mancake misplaced his stash of weapons throughout the island. The new Cowboy Repeater Rifle combines a rapid shooting style with dead-eye accuracy. Syr-up!

Save up those Bars because the fire-loving Blaze has also been equipped with an Exotic-class weapon for sale, the fiery Dragon’s Breath Sniper. To combat the heat, a new Character has arrived and will be packing their own chill armaments.

New Options

Based on player-requested feedback, we’ve added an option to toggle on or off Pre-Edits; with Pre-Edits “off” new builds will always appear in their default, unedited state when building.

On the next-gen hardware front, 15.10 brings “120 FPS Mode” option for a buttery smooth frame-rate that would make Mancake blush. Note: In 120 FPS mode, the resolution display will be capped at 1440p on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and 1080p for Xbox Series S.

Fortnite 2.97 Update | Datamine leaks

Fortnite 2.97 Update Patch Notes

For players with friends who haven’t tried Fortnite Season 5 yet, there are rewards available for bringing them back to the game. This is part of Epic Games’ “Reboot a Friend” scheme.

Those grinding to Battle Pass Tier 100 can check out the full list of rewards here. Tier 100 is going to take a while to achieve, but the skins could be worth it.

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