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Arthur Morgan Fortnite Skin | Is the Red Dead Redemption 2 character coming?

Fortnite has always had some sweet collaborations, but recently, the crossovers have been next level. There’s always speculation on the upcoming collabs, and this time, gamers are talking about a potential Arthur Morgan Fortnite skin. Is there any truth to the rumors, though?  Here’s the latest on a Fortnite x RDR crossover featuring the Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist.

Fortnite x Red Dead Redemption 2 | Arthur Morgan skin incoming?

Arthur Morgan Fortnite

Recently, Epic Games has been adding various gaming icons to Fortnite. It started with Kratos from God of War, then Master Chief from Halo, and speculation suggests that Samus from Metroid could be next. That’d make a lot of sense, giving players across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles (respectively) an exclusive character from a popular native franchise. What comes after that, though? Might Epic start adding iconic third-party gaming characters to Fortnite across all hardware?

Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games, Donald Mustard, has said that more Fortnite collaborations are on the way. Kratos from God of War is now in the game, so there is a precedent for popular characters from mature-rated titles to feature in Fortnite. As such, it is possible that an Arthur Morgan Fortnite skin could be released as part of a Fortnite x RDR2 collab with Rockstar Games.

It’s important to note that an Arthur Morgan Fortnite outfit hasn’t been officially announced. Despite that, even if there were no plans initially, Epic Games could see that there’s a demand for the character and set things in motion. Stay tuned for updates as and when any news breaks.

In an ideal world, a larger-scale Fortnite x Red Dead Redemption crossover could also include a John Marston Fortnite skin. That way, both of the RDR protagonists would be represented in Fortnite.

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