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Fortnite Quick Challenges Reset Time | When do they refresh?

Fortnite Quick Challenges are minor objectives that players can complete to get XP. Initially, these challenges award 14K XP, but that gradually decreases until the reset time. Players wanting the most XP will want to finish objectives when they have refreshed. Here’s when the Fortnite Quick Challenges reset time is.

When do the Fortnite Quick Challenges reset?

Fortnite Quick Challenges Reset Time

Fortnite Quick Challenges reset every day at the following times:

  • 7 PM ET
  • 4 PM PT
  • 12 AM GMT
  • 1 AM CET
  • 8 AM CST
  • 9 AM JST
  • 11 AM AEDT

Upon resetting, all Quick Challenges will have new requirements and refresh to 14K XP rewards. This means that they are back to their maximum.

To level up from 1 to 100, players will need to earn a total of 7,490,000 XP. That is a lot of Quick Challenges to grind through. Of course, the Quick Challenges are just there to give some additional reward for experimenting with new guns, landing at different locations, and generally spicing up the gameplay experience.

To maximum XP gains without playing all day, users will want to focus on earning the 14K XP challenges. Once they are complete, it’s safe to log out of the game. Even if a few weeks of Quick Challenges are missed, it’s still very easy to hit that 100 level. In fact, many players go beyond 100 to soar towards 1000. Some Quick Challenges are harder than others, so it’s perfectly fine to skip them.

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