Fortnite Samus skin could be revealed by Brie Larson (and modeled after her)

Fortnite Samus skin could be making its way to the game as Nintendo’s hunter character, joining PlayStation’s Kratos and Xbox’s leaked Master Chief. While the Metroid skin is only rumored at this point in time, GameRevolution has collated various hints and teases that suggest Brie Larson will announce the new Samus Aran skin during The Game Awards 2020 — and she could even be the model for the character.

Here’s all the evidence to suggest this unlikely collaboration could actually happen:

Brie Larson will be at The Game Awards 2020 — but what is she revealing?

Brie Larson has been announced as a presenter at The Game Awards 2020, with the Captain Marvel actress set to take to the stage at the December 10 show. Brie has made a splash in the gaming community in the past year, starting up a YouTube channel where she showed viewers her Animal Crossing island, and regularly tweeting about the games she’s playing.

One gaming series she has expressed an interest in is Metroid, particularly its hero Samus Aran. On July 24, 2020, Brie Larson expressed her interest in playing Samus Aran during an episode of Gary Whitta’s Animal Talking, an interview show that uses Animal Crossing: New Horizons as its virtual stage.

When asked if she would like to play Samus Aran in a movie, Larson responded with: “I would love that so much.” She went on to say that she “definitely [wants] to make that movie,” concluding that she would “love to do it.”

She also shared what she could look in a Metroid move, telling Nintendo to “Make it happen.”

Will there be a Fortnite Samus Aran skin?

While Larson has only expressed interest in playing a movie version of Samus, a Fortnite skin would make sense given the unlikelihood that Nintendo is working on a Metroid film. Given Larson’s appreciation for the character and affiliation with Nintendo by way of appearing in their Switch commercials, she could be set to make the reveal at The Game Awards 2020.

In a commercial in November, Brie was even shown playing Fortnite on the Switch:

The timeline that Epic Games appears to be following for its next Fortnite hunter character reveal lines up with The Game Awards 2020’s December 10 schedule.

The event’s organizer, Geoff Keighley, has been teasing the next reveal on Twitter in response to Fortnite announcing Kratos:

Keighley has also teased that another collaboration between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will happen at this year’s TGAs, sharing an image from the rival companies’ unlikely meeting at the 2018 awards:

Kratos and Master Chief were two Hunters summoned by the game’s Agent Jones, which now leaves room for a third. Given the previous crossover skins were PlayStation- and Microsoft-specific, it would make sense that the third would related to Nintendo.

Why Brie Larson could model the Fortnite Nintendo skin

While it looks increasingly likely that Samus Aran will be the subject of the Fortnite Nintendo Switch skin, and we’re also confident in the prediction that Brie Larson will reveal it, could the actress act as the model for the character, too?

Considering Larson’s affiliation with both Nintendo and the Samus Aran character, creating a Samus that looks like the actress would give Fortnite some added star power — something that Epic Games appreciates, given its growing roster of big-name fictional characters.

Fortnite also isn’t opposed to putting models of real-life celebrities in the game, either. Its John Wick skin was modeled after Keanu Reeves, the actor who portrays the action hero, while it has also included its own take on Star Wars‘ Daisy Ridley and John Boyega along with the Twitch streamer Ninja.

Of course, Samus is known for her armored suit and fighting battles against aliens while wearing her helmet, though we have seen various iterations of the character where her face is revealed. It could be possible that Fortnite features a Zero Suit Samus variant similar to Smash Bros., or that players will have the option to remove her helmet during gameplay.

All of this leads us to believe that Brie Larson will reveal the Fortnite Samus skin at The Game Awards, and that the Captain Marvel actress could well portray the iconic video game hero, too.