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Fortnite Kratos Skin | Will there be a Fortnite and God of War crossover?

Update: The Fortnite/God of War crossover has been confirmed. Multiple Kratos skins and related accessories will be available in-game soon.

It seemed as though The Mandalorian was the big crossover for Fortnite in Season 5 Chapter 2, but there might be an even bigger surprise in store. Images of a Fortnite Kratos skin have appeared online, claiming that a God of War crossover will soon hit the game.

Will there be a Fortnite Kratos skin?

While fake Fortnite leaks aren’t an uncommon occurrence, there is some credence to this rumor. Shortly after the Kratos skin image started appearing on social media, the official PlayStation Twitter account posted a teaser for the game.

The Kratos Fortnite teaser has circulated in both English and Spanish, with some users claiming that they’ve seen it on their dashboard. Given the game’s huge number of cameos so far, it wouldn’t be surprising if a God of War crossover is coming. However, as of writing, nothing has been officially confirmed.

However, fans should take this rumor with a grain of salt. Given Season 5, Chapter 2’s focus on The Mandalorian, Disney might not want to share the spotlight with Sony. In that case, it’s unlikely we’d see the Kratos skin until Season 5 Chapter 3 if it actually exists.

Is the God of War Fortnite crossover only available on PlayStation?

Fortnite Kratos Skin

This big question right now is whether or not Kratos will be available on all platforms. Again, nothing has been confirmed, but it seems unlikely that Sony would allow one of its most popular characters to appear on Nintendo or Microsoft’s consoles. It’s doubtful that Kratos will be available on the Android, iOS, Switch, PC, or Xbox versions of Fortnite.

Given that other games have had PlayStation exclusive content, it wouldn’t be unusual for Fortnite to do the same. The Kratos skin is likely tied into the release of the PS5 version of the game. Whether or not Xbox will get its own exclusive skin to celebrate the Xbox Series X|S Optimized version of the game isn’t known at this time.