PUBG launching two ‘modified’ Season 9 Passes

The PUBG Season 9 Pass is going to be treated a little differently than usual when the new Paramo map debuts; players will get to experience two “modified” Season Passes instead of the usual one.

As with most Battle Royale games, PUBG splits its content into “seasons” for players to enjoy. Each season typically launches with a single Season Pass which will allow players to unlock content as they progress in the latest season. Season 9 will be launching soon, but it won’t have a single Season Pass this time around; instead, it’s going to have two.

PUBG Season 9 Pass highlights big changes

PUBG Season 9 pass dirtbike jump

“Nothing about Season 9 will be business as usual,” reads the PUBG Season 9 preview announcement. “To start, the runtime will only be two months long and in that time we plan to make a major impact on what you THINK you know about Battle Royale and PUBG. Big changes include a special event mode with an [all-new] map and two different passes exclusive to Season 9.”

The ninth season of PUBG is launching against stiff competition as Halloween approaches. Recently, Red Dead Online announced a shorter Outlaw Pass and Apex Legends finally debuted wall-running with its latest update; both of these games are ramping up for seasonal Halloween content. PUBG, however, appears to lack any special content for the season.

Season 9 will officially kick off today, coinciding with Update 9.1 that will feature a “familiar” season pass. However, PUBG Season 9 will only be two months long — a full month shorter than the previous season. As a result, the PUBG Season 9 pass will be “modified” to accommodate these changes; it will only feature 50 levels in total. Not all games necessarily launch with a lot of new seasonal content, mind; Fall Guys Season 2 recently launched with only four new levels.

The debut of the new Paramo map means that this Season Pass will largely be focused on the culture of the deadly volcanic island. Later in the season, Update 9.2 will arrive and a second PUBG Season 9 Pass will come with it. While the first Season Pass will be relatively standard, the second Season Pass will focus on “an infamous PUBG character.” It’s unclear if the second Season Pass will be included in the price of the first or if there will be a separate charge for this content.