Fall Guys Season 2 only has 4 new levels

There are only four new Fall Guys Season 2 levels revealed for Mediatonic’s party Battle Royale in its newest major update. The new medieval theme is a welcome change from what has been seen thus far, but players won’t be getting as much new content as they might have expected.

Fall Guys has proven to be phenomenally popular; it sold millions of copies in its first week and quickly became the most-downloaded PS Plus game to date. However, a game of this style depends on a constant flow of new content and Mediatonic was well aware of this fact, sensibly announcing the launch of Season 2 less than a month after the game made its debut. Fall Guys Season 2 has now officially gone live, but it only has four new medieval-themed levels for players to enjoy.

How the new Fall Guys Season 2 levels change up the game

new Fall Guys Season 2 levels gauntlet

The four new Fall Guys Season 2 levels bring some much-needed variety to the game with a new theme and challenging new obstacles. Heading up the Season 2 content is the new “Knight Fever” level, a terrifying gauntlet that Mediatonic describes as “our most challenging gauntlet yet.” That new level is joined by the hoop-jumping level “Hoopsie Legend,” the egg-catching challenge “Egg Siege,” and the new platformer level “Wall Guys.”

New obstacles and new medieval theming serve as the centerpiece for the new levels. Moving drawbridges will provide players with a challenging new obstacle to overcome, and movable platforms will make the “Hoopsie Legend” and “Wall Guys” levels particularly hectic. Mediatonic has promised that more content is on the way. but not every new level will necessarily fit that season’s theme.

Although the small number of new levels may be disappointing to some, Mediatonic is adding variety to the game in other ways. The addition of the “Show Selector” effectively brings playlists to the game, allowing players to experience the level types that suit their taste. Currently, players can only select between playing all levels or only “Gauntlet” style levels, although additional options are sure to debut at a later date.

Ultimately, these new additions represent a good start for the next wave of new content for players to enjoy. Players can experience the new Fall Guys Season 2 levels and all of the other new content on PC and PS4 right now.