Fall Guys’ new ‘Knight Fever’ level has its most controversial obstacles in one map

Fall Guys’ new “Knight Fever” level has some of the game’s most controversial and most challenging obstacles stuffed into one map. This new level making its debut in Fall Guys Season 2 seems poised to frustrate places, especially with the inclusion of so many random elements.

Mediatonic has been steadily building hype for Fall Guys Season 2. It has run a contest that lets the funniest fans win Crowns or free DLC and has asked people on Twitter to give Big Yeetus’ even bigger brother a new name. Now, players are getting their first extended look at Fall Guys’ new Knight Fever level and it looks like it will be seriously challenging.

Fall Guys‘ new Knight Fever level is packed with deadly traps

Fall Guys Knight Fever Season 2 Big Yeetus 2

We don’t yet know how many new maps will be in Fall Guys Season 2, nor do we know exactly what those maps will look like. While not every new map will necessarily fit a theme, the first look at Fall Guys’ new Knight Fever level shows a distinctly medieval experience.

Knight Fever opens with players on an open field before it heads to the first obstacle — an uphill climb through a series of three swinging guillotines, any of which can hurl the player straight off of the map. Next, players must walk over spinning cylinders with spikes that could easily knock you off. Players must then face a downhill guillotine obstacle before going head-to-head against Big Yeetus’ bigger brother. The challenge doesn’t end there, though, as players finish off the level by trying to cross over a constantly-moving drawbridge.

Fall Guys levels run the gamut from mildly challenging to extraordinarily frustrating. This good, long look at one of the new Fall Guys Season 2 maps reveals a series of obstacles that are sure to send players flailing into the abyss and cause much frustration. The obstacles themselves will be bad enough, but player interference is likely to make it even tougher — just wait until a player gets shoved into one of these traps by one of their opponents.

Players can experience all of the new chaotic levels on the Fall Guys Season 2 release date of October 8, 2020. For now, players on PC and PS4 can earn double Fame until the start of the next season.