Fall Guys wants your help naming the Season 2 ‘Big Yeetus’ obstacle

The Fall Guys Season 2 “Big Yeetus” obstacle needs a name, and Mediatonic wants your help. The helpful hammer from the game’s first season will be getting a bigger brother when the game goes medieval — but it looks like it might be a little less helpful.

Earlier this month, Mediatonic announced that a special hammer called “Big Yeetus” would be making an appearance as a random feature in maps with a future update. That update has now arrived, randomly deploying the hammer in some games along with some other special surprises. Now, Mediatonic wants your help in naming Big Yeetus’ bigger brother.

“We used up the best possible name when we came up with Big Yeetus…” the game’s official Twitter lamented. “Now we need your help to name Big Yeetus’ new friend from Season 2[.] WHAT ARE THEY CALLED?”

The Fall Guys Season 2 “Big Yeetus” obstacle is muich heftier than his friend from Season 1, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be as helpful. The images shared of the new obstacle look like it will knock players off of the map instead of giving them a helpful boop further along the course. If you can think of a funny, meme-worthy name, you should reply to Mediatonic’s call for suggestions. Fall Guys Season 2 will arive on October 6, 2020.