Fall Guys ‘secret feature’ spawns hundreds of jelly beans at random

Image Credit: @PrinxessTi on Twitter

A new Fall Guys secret feature has been revealed via the game’s official Twitter. If you’re lucky (or perhaps unlucky), your game could soon be invaded with hundreds of Mediatonic beans flooding into the level.

It’s been a busy week for Fall Guys! Thus far, we’ve seen the death of the beloved Beanbot and the launch of a new patch which brought the debut of Big Yeetus, a gigantic spinning hammer that will randomly appear in your games to help players skip ahead in a round.

While Big Yeetus got most of the hype, keen-eyed fans watching the Big Yeetus preview a couple of weeks ago also noticed mountains of watermelons added to one of the game’s levels. Mediatonic later confirmed that this was also added as a random happenstance in some of the minigames, and now it looks like they’ve buried at least one more secret in the most recent patch.

Fall Guys secret feature even more beans

Image Credit: @PrinxessTi on Twitter

“I gotta confess something,” stated the Fall Guys Twitter account. “We put in a secret feature where hundreds of @Mediatonic jelly bean guys spawn in at the start of the level[.] It’s a very low probability[.] Most of you won’t get to see it[.] We just wanted to give ourselves a cheeky shout out[.]”

The statement about the Fall Guys secret feature includes a quote tweet from a gamer who showed a level absolutely buried in special Mediatonic beans. One of the immediate replies to that tweet shows the same thing happening in someone else’s game.

Shortly thereafter, another tweet from the game’s official account claimed something entirely different, coyly stating that it might actually be a bug instead of a feature. Was this secret event added on purpose or was it a mistake? We’ll probably never know for sure, at least not anytime soon.

These Mediatonic beans aren’t actual players or bots, mind. As far as we can tell, these are just physics props that drop into the level. One player reports that they launch “whenever you spawn” into the game — if you’ve been lucky enough to experience this Fall Guys secret feature, you’ll know it immediately.

Big Yeetus, watermelons, and now a flood of Mediatonic beans makes us wonder — what other secrets have the developers buried in the game? It all comes down to random chance, but perhaps someone will discover yet another secret at some point in the future.