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Fall Guys 1.07 Update Patch Notes | Today, September 15

The Fall Guys 1.07 update patch notes are now here for eager players to read. The September 15 patch is a mid-season refresh on content, while also bringing in some new changes which should hopefully make the game more fun for those that play fair, and more frustrating for those who are trying to cheat! The new patch, called “BIG YEETUS & ANTI-CHEATUS,” is currently rolling out across PS4 and PC. Read on for the full list of Fall Guys 1.07 patch notes!

Fall Guys 1.07 Update Patch Notes

Fall Guys 1.07 Update Patch Notes

  • [PC] Our new anti-cheating system for PC is now in!
  • [PC] Added ability to bind game actions to mouse buttons
  • [PS4] Improved stability when creating parties on PS4
  • Objects in certain rounds will now have dynamic variations from one playthrough to the next, including new objects entirely. We plan to expand this system in the future to more rounds.
  • [B I G Y E E T U S]
  • Improved stability when progressing from one round to another, there should be less disconnections in the qualification screen and round loading now.
  • Bug fixes in levels, spectator mode and improved resilience when network errors occur.
  • Fall Ball timer down to 120 seconds from 150
  • Lowered Min Player Counts for some levels to increase round variety

A post on the official PlayStation Blog provided even more info.

Round Variations

Rounds will no longer feel so familiar, as new variations have been added to the mix. This means that fan-favorite rounds may suddenly be turned on their heads, with new obstacles, random rotations, and “plenty of tumbling fruit.” What’s more, players won’t know when these changes will occur.

Round Variations are intended to force players to “think on their feet to avoid an early trip to the slime!”

Examples given by Anthony Pepper, a senior designer on Fall Guys, include: “reliable door patterns on Gate Crash may end up all kinds of wavey,” “turntables could turn the tide in an unpredictable take on Fall Ball,” and tweaks to See-Saw to make it potentially even more infuriating!

Server Stability

In addition to new rounds, players can expect a smoother overall experience with the mid-season update aiding server stability, optimizing effects, and more.


It’s not yet clear how Big Yeetus is going to change up the game, but the small tease of “future physics wildness” makes it seem like the oversized hammer will have a big impact on the game.

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