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What is Fall Guys Cheater Island?

With the return of Fall Guys‘ community manager from vacation, comes a story about how developer Mediatonic has been trying to stop cheaters and hackers from ruining the game. This has led to the creation of Fall Guys Cheater Island, a location where cheaters are paired with other cheaters for a chance to win the “Cheater’s Crown.” Read on for the full story and further details.

Fall Guys Cheater Island | What is it?

fall guys cheater island

Fall Guys Cheater Island is a place where cheaters go to play against other cheaters. Once a player is detected as using cheats or hacks, they are sent to Cheater Island to play against other cheaters.

In a lengthy thread on the official @FallGuysGame Twitter account, the full story of Cheater Island was disclosed. It was explained that Cheater Island was created as a way of showing cheaters that playing against someone with cheats enabled wasn’t any fun, with the hopes of making them realize that they were ruining the game for many other players.

Unfortunately, many cheaters found a workaround by joining friends who could then matchmake with other non-cheaters. Mediatonic were quick to clamp down on this with a patch. Next, cheaters found out they could use Steam’s Family Sharing functionality to log into the game using another account, which they could then cheat on.

Recently, videos showing lobbies full of cheaters started appearing across social media and the game’s subreddit. Though it’s not certain, these could well be videos of the Fall Guys Cheater Island.

Watch the clip below, which has a bunch of cheaters all zooming to the Crown:

With videos attracting negative attention for the game, Fall Guys Cheater Island has now been closed. Cheaters will instead be unable to log in.

Developer Mediatonic is now working with Epic Games for the upcoming “BIG YEETUS AND ANTI-CHEATUS” update, which is expected to include a tougher anti-cheat system.