Fall Guys Twitter manager kills Beanbot and wins his first crown

Fall Guys Twitter Manager Oliver “OliverAge24” Hindle has returned from vacation, killing off the lovable “Beanbot” A.I. that replaced him and announcing that he has finally won his first crown.

Earlier this month, the Fall Guys senior community manager made the announcement that he was going on vacation for a short time. He had spent his days since the launch of the game getting the community excited and firing off spicy tweets.

With millions of people playing the game since launch, he decided to take a well-deserved respite. There was just one problem: someone had to manage the game’s official Twitter account. Enter Beanbot, an “advanced A.I.” that would serve as his replacement for the duration of his absence.

Beanbot stuck around for the duration of Hindle’s vacation, sending out strange (and occasionally ominous) tweets while also handling the regular day-to-day business of announcing server downtime or highlighting any other issues. All good things must come to an end, though, and the Fall Guys Twitter manager finally pulled the plug on Beanbot after his return to work.

Understandably, the community had taken a liking to the adorable A.I. The death of Beanbot was viewed as a sad event by many, with responses to the tweets filled with sad memes and tributes to the Senior Community Manager’s temporary replacement.

Beanbot’s surprising popularity may have been slightly unpredictable, but it’s not entirely unexpected. The Fall Guys community has had more than its fair share of memes and culture in-jokes, and the outpouring of love for this virtual community manager is certainly understandable. Considering the game’s penchant for cosmetics, perhaps we’ll see a Beanbot skin added to the game at some future point.

It hasn’t been all bad news for the Fall Guys Twitter manager, though. Oliver Hindle announced that he has finally won his first crown! Previously, Hindle had told people on Twitter that he hadn’t yet won a crown (even as he made fun of streamers like TimTheTatman for failing to succeed, although his weeklong losing streak finally came to a glorious end). That all changed in recent days with a series of very fortunate events.

Having conquered the previous rounds, the Fall Guys Twitter manager found himself on Fall Mountain with a handful of other beans. He had fortunately been yeeted quite far ahead of the competitors, giving him a serious lead in the final round. He made it to the top of the mountain, carefully waited for the crown to fall into place, and jumped at just the right moment to secure himself a victory.

Things have finally settled down, but there is still a lot more coming. We’re probably less than one month away from the start of Fall Guys Season 2 and there are sure to be a bunch of surprises in store. You can watch the magical moment where Oliver Hindle wins his first crown below.