Fall Guys Season 3 Winter Knockout: Holiday-themed skins and map revealed

Fall Guys Season 3 has been revealed, with Winter Knockout having been announced by Mediatonic. The new update will feature Holiday-themed skins and new maps, including a penguin and snowman outfit.

The new Fall Guys season was revealed following an ARG held on social media, which saw followers working to complete a puzzle set by the Fall Guys Twitter account. The puzzle showed revealed a new map for the upcoming update, which includes a slide and players jumping through a wheel designed like a snowflake.

What are the new Fall Guys Season 3 skins and levels?

Several new skins were revealed by the completion of the puzzle, including a snowman, penguin, Krampus, and a mysterious toy outfit that some players began speculating could be a pet.

However, while the similarly popular Among Us makes use of pets, it seems that Mediatonic isn’t going down this path just yet. The company’s social media manager Oliver Hindle stated that pets aren’t on their way to the battle royale game, confirming in the game’s Discord server before players “got too excited” about the potential addition.

Only a single level has been teased in the reveal image, showing several Fall Guys ‘pills’ leaping through holes in a giant snowflake. The level also appears to feature a slide for players to hurtle down, along with icy obstacles in-keeping with the winter theme.

It’s unclear how many levels will appear in Fall Guys Season 3. The last season featured four new maps, so either this may have been a sign of things to come for Mediatonic, or the company is planning to roll out more maps for its latest season.

Fall Guys Season 3 release date

Fall Guys Season 3 will launch in the second week of December, so at some point between December 7-13. Mediatonic has yet to confirm the exact date, though the update will roll out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC during that week.