Fall Guys’ Double Crown Weekend makes winning even better (and losing even worse)

The first Fall Guys “Double Crown Weekend” has been announced. For the uninitiated, Crowns are earned by first-place winners and can be spent in the in-game Store. Crowns are key to unlocking some of the best skins, so they are the most sought-after currency. Fortunately, for those capable of winning, it will soon be possible to get two Crowns for a single win. It’s sort of like Call of Duty’s double XP events, only with a Fall Guys spin on things.

Fall Guys Double Crown Weekend Start Time

Fall Guys Double Crown Weekend

The Fall Guys Double Crown Weekend started at 7:30 AM ET/4:30 AM PT/12:30 PM GMT.

As soon as it was announced on the game’s official Twitter account, it was unlocked for all players to enjoy.

In true Fall Guys fashion, the Double Crown Weekend was announced with a spicy meme, with a man struggling to hold all of his Crowns:

Fall Guys Double Crown Weekend End Date and Time

It’s possible that the Fall Guys Double Crown Weekend end date will be Monday, February 8, with an end time of 7:30 AM ET/4:30 AM PT/12:30 PM GMT.

However, those details haven’t yet been officially confirmed. The official Twitter account states that it will go on “ALL WEEKEND!” but doesn’t provide any more information. Above is GameRevolution’s estimate based on previous event timeframes.

For those who win a lot, this event will be great! For those who lose all of the time, then this event will likely lead to even more frustration!

Those with Amazon/Twitch Prime should hurry and claim the free Prime Gaming Bundle, which includes some cool Fall Guys goodies.

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