Not all Fall Guys season 2 levels will be themed, Mediatonic says

Fall Guys Season 2 levels might not all be medieval-themed, according to Mediatonic. The developer is working hard to prepare for the Fall Guys Season 2 release date and an upcoming Double Fame event, but it also has its eyes on the future.

There’s less than a week until the Fall Guys Season 2 release date and Mediatonic has been carefully building hype for its party battle royale game. One of the new obstacles has already started gaining popularity after the developers shared more details about the medieval-themed levels for Season 2. However, Mediatonic has also revealed that not all future Fall Guys levels will necessarily fit a theme.

What to expect in the Fall Guys Season 2 levels

Fall Guys Season 2 levels map

The medieval theme of the new season led one player to ask a question — will all future Fall Guys seasons be themed?

“Not sure – we’ll add levels in future that aren’t themed though,” Mediatonic replied.

Thus far, Mediatonic has already brought back one popular level from the beta, a move that was welcomed by players in a game that depends on keeping player interest with new content. A handful of Fall Guys Season 2 levels were shown as part of a quick teaser, but this is a far cry from the over two dozen levels currently in the game.

It’s entirely possible that Mediatonic has created a wide variety of new medieval maps for season 2, but we may well see non-themed maps enter the mix. Even if players do get a season that completely fits with a theme, Mediatonic has categorically stated that future seasons will likely have non-themed maps included in the mix.

As the first Fall Guys season is winding down, Mediatonic is also giving players the chance to earn Double Fame starting on Monday. Players can experience Fall Guys Season 2 on its release date of October 8, 2020.