Red Dead Online Halloween Pass controversially removes Gold Bars reward

The Red Dead Online Halloween Pass has made its debut for Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer and players have discovered an unfortunate surprise: this seasonal variant of the Outlaw Pass won’t let players earn back the Gold Bars used to buy the Halloween Pass.

Previously, Red Dead Online has hosted “Outlaw Passes,” the game’s themed variation of battle passes. Players could purchase the passes using the Gold Bars premium currency. As with many other battle pass programs, the previous Outlaw Passes allowed the player to earn back its purchase price — until now.

Red Dead Online Halloween Pass is cheaper, but not better

Red Dead Online Halloween Pass price

The Red Dead Online Halloween Pass is much shorter than previous Outlaw Passes; this special seasonal variant has only 20 Ranks of content for players to unlock. That might seem small, but it certainly is more content when compared against last year’s Halloween event. As a contrast, Summer 2020’s Outlaw Pass 3 had 80 Ranks of content for players to earn. Outlaw Pass 3 also allowed players to eventually earn back the entire purchase price of the battle pass, but that isn’t the case here.

Instead, players will be able to unlock a variety of Halloween-themed content. This content includes four new emotes, a handful of new cosmetic items for the player character and the horse, and some spooky furniture additions for the camp and the bar.

That’s not to say that the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass won’t have some savings for players — several discounts and cash bonuses are included with this seasonal Outlaw Pass. Players can get 40% off of select Naturalist Role items — certainly a boon for players who want to hunt down Legendary Animals. The Halloween Pass also awards players with a RDO$100 payout and several free items as they earn higher Ranks.

Players can pick up the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass for 15 Gold Bars, roughly one-third of the cost of a normal Outlaw Pass. The removal of the Gold Bars reward is sure to be an unpopular move, especially as more games are moving away from loot boxes. What remains to be seen is whether or not Rockstar Games will continue to allow players to earn back their gold bars in future Outlaw Passes or if the situation with the Halloween Pass is a one-time event.