Shroud wins PUBG match without looking at the screen

[Image credit: Instagram | Shroud]

Amazing moments in games are oftentimes just as much the result of luck as they are of skill. One such moment in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by popular streamer Shroud certainly features more of the former. Here, Shroud somehow wins a PUBG game, while looking away from the screen.

Now usually, highlights from Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek tend to involve amazing moments of aim and dexterity. This recent one however involved none of the sort. During a recent game of PUBG, Shroud found himself having to look away from the screen and at his phone during a crucial moment — right at the end of a match with only two other players left standing — only to find that he’d won once he looked back onto the screen.

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As the clip shows, Shroud was actually in a pretty precarious situation when he looked away. He had just just sprinted out into the open, leaving him vulnerable to getting shot. However, not only does he survive, he actually gets the win through sheer luck.

Upon seeing the “match finished” announcement, Shroud looks confused at first. “Wait, what? I looked at my phone for one second,” exclaimed shroud. “What just happened?” However, after discussing it with his audience and looking at the game’s kill feed, it turns out that the other two players left with him ended up taking each other out

Shroud wins PUBG match without looking at the screen

Apparently, what gave Shroud the win was “a frag from the grave.” In other words, one of the two other players had thrown a grenade right before they died. Said grenade then took out the other player. Thanks to this fortuitous sequence of events, Shroud got the chicken dinner without even firing a single shot.

The circumstances around this win certainly make it one of Shroud’s more humorous highlights, even if it isn’t his usual display of marksmanship. That said, it’s just as entertaining as any impossible skillshot. Besides, at the end of the day, a win is still a win, even if it does involve sheer luck.