Rumor: Switch Pro to be announced by Nintendo ‘today or tomorrow’

Nintendo may reveal its long-rumored Switch Pro console this week, a notable leaker has teased. This would see the console being announced by Nintendo before E3 2021 in June.

When is the Nintendo Switch Pro announcement?

Emily Rogers, who goes by @ArcadeGirl64, has shared information regarding the Switch Pro that has matched Bloomberg’s own reporting about the console. In a tweet this morning, the Nintendo World Report contributor responded to a Twitter user’s “gut feeling” that a Switch Pro announcement would take place “tomorrow/later today” with a “shh” emoji, suggesting that this assumption was correct.

Bloomberg reported today that a new Nintendo Switch console announcement “could be imminent,” and that an upgraded version of the console would replace the current $299 model. In the report, it was claimed that the console is planned for release in September or October.

Nintendo typically reserves its announcements for Nintendo Direct events, with the company having yet to announce its plans for its next presentation. The last Nintendo Direct was held in February 2021, and was criticized for lacking major new announcements. As a result, many believe that the company is withholding big game and hardware announcements until E3 2021, which takes place from June 12–15.

However, it’s not unlike the company to unexpectedly drop new information at a moment’s notice, with both Bloomberg and Rogers suggesting that this Switch Pro announcement will take place before E3. This would theoretically give Nintendo more time to showcase its games over its new hardware, if the company has more in store for this year and beyond following a relatively dry 2020 and early 2021.

Another notable leaker has already claimed that Final Fantasy and Pokemon Musou games in the style of Hyrule Warriors are set to be announced at E3 2021, alongside Microsoft-branded Joy-Cons in an unexpected cross-brand move. A Pokemon Musou game would be huge news for Nintendo, potentially offering a glimpse at the kind of unexpected announcements the company is preparing for its next Nintendo Direct.