Avid PUBG Player Claims Games Saved Him When His Girlfriend Attacked Him With a Katana

In a story that seems straight out of The Onion, a diehard PUBG player has fended off a katana attack from his girlfriend, and claims part of what helped him survive was his training regimen for playing the game. Alex Lovell, 29, was attacked by his girlfriend, Emily Javier, 30, in their home in Camas, Washington while he was sleeping and was left with life-threatening injuries.

Speaking with Buzzfeed News, Lovell claimed that the attack was brought on by accusations that he was cheating on Javier. Lovell stated that his lack of libido due to his vigorous video game training regime was what spurred the accusations. He was quoted as saying, “It killed my sex drive. I was training too hard; it exhausted me. I felt bad because she needed the affection. I just couldn’t keep up. She thought I was having sex with other people.”

According to reports, Javier became suspicious after discovering Tinder installed on Lovell’s phone and a red hair (her hair is dyed green) in the shower drain. In response, Lovell stated that he hadn’t had Tinder on his phone since he and Javier became a couple and that the hair on his chin comes in red and his dog has reddish hair.

Javier bought the katana at a local mall in anticipation of the attack. Several days later while Lovell was asleep, under the illumination of her cellphone, she retrieved the katana from beside the bed and began “swinging and stabbing” towards Lovell.

Lovell’s statement concerning the attack was: “I’ve been indirectly preparing myself for this night my whole life. I didn’t freeze. The Wing Chun [Chinese martial arts popularly portrayed in the movie Ip Man] came out,” he said. “I was able to stand on a knee that was just almost chopped in half and a foot that was hanging on by a thread.”

Lovell managed to pin Javier’s arms down, though even then she continued to attack him by grabbing his testicles forcibly. “She tried to rip them off. But I wasn’t angry; I loved this girl. I never had any anger. It was just pure love for her and life itself. I pleaded with her, telling her I loved her and she was killing me.”

Javier took heed to Lovell’s pleading and contacted emergency medical services. Lovell was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries, including having his index, middle, and ring fingers nearly completely severed. He also sustained lacerations on his feet and legs, a fractured wrist, and wounds to the torso, neck, and head.

According to Lovell is could be six months until he’s walking again. He will also have to partake in physical therapy to regain full use of his hands.

However, Lovell seems to be remaining upbeat about the incident. He said, “The feeling I had when I won the fight with my bare hands is just absolutely the best feeling,” he said. “I’ve played all the sports, won big games, landed some decent tricks on my snowboard. This was better.”

Javier is currently being held at the Clark County Jail. She’s been charged with attempted murder, and her bail is $350,000.