Dr Disrespect claims that PUBG’s players are ruining the game

[image credit: Twitch/ / Dr Disrespect

When he was first starting out, Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV made his name playing battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Lately however, it seems that he’s become quite upset at the game, or more precisely, its players. Dr Disrespect recently claimed that PUBG‘s players are ruining the game.

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect vented about PUBG’s playerbase and complained about how they approached the game. Specifically, he got mad about the playerbase preferring to use “peeking”—moving in and out of cover to shoot at players caught out in the open—instead of engaging their opponents one-on-one.

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“You’re boring me to death. You’re not playing video games. From yesterday to today, I am yet to die to somebody legitimately,” stated Dr Disrespect during a Twitch broadcast yesterday. “That’s a fact. It’s plain and simple; I don’t lose the one-on-ones. I don’t. I can’t remember the last time I lost a 1-v-1. It just doesn’t happen.”

Dr Disrespect continued his rant with a few choice words stating “we die by the p****** behind the trees, hiding in the interior of the buildings every f***ing time! Every time we play the game, that’s who we die to. The p******. I’m sick and tired of them getting away with it.”

Now, PUBG has always favored a slower, more tactical style of play compared to its contemporaries like Fortnite and Apex Legends. However, not everyone enjoys playing this way, and indeed, arguments over the style often come up on various internet boards for the game such as Reddit and even its official forums.

In addition to this, people peeking out of cover in the game do seem to have a bit of an advantage. As this video from WackyJacky1010 demonstrates, a player peeking out of cover gets to see their target first. More importantly, thanks to latency and how the game recognizes hits, a peeker can shoot at and kill a player before that player even notices. This phenomenon happens in other multiplayer shooters—it’s simply a byproduct of playing over the internet. However PUBG‘s slower, more tactical style does seem to exacerbate it.

Now Dr Disrespect didn’t always hate peeking this much. Just last month, he actually made fun of peekers while stating that he enjoyed taking them out: “It’s one thing when they peek, right, but it’s another thing when they peek and they’ve got ugly looking teeth and bad breath,” he explained on stream. “Those are the guys that I love knocking out.”

However, it looks like things have now changed. The streamer clearly doesn’t think much of players who use the tactics, calling them the “worst players,” and is mad that these players are “getting away” with peeking. Whether or not this will lead to Dr Disrespect quitting PUBG is unknown.

Dr Disrespect has had issues with PUBG‘s design before. Last year, he streamed a rather blunt message to the game’s development team at Bluehole, calling them “one of the most overrated design groups.” As part of his rant, he stated that he had “never played a more pathetic, slower paced, un-athletic shooter in the history of my entire video gaming career,” in reference to the game’s pace.

If Dr Disrespect does finally quit PUBG for real this time, he’ll have a host of other games to move to. Just recently, he proclaimed that he enjoyed Gears 5 despite initially having his own issues with it. More importantly, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is just around the corner. Seeing as Dr Disrespect actually worked on the multiplayer of one of the previous incarnations of that series, he’s probably looking forward to giving this latest incarnation a go.