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Sea of Thieves No Gold for Chest: Not Getting Gold for Chests Fix

Some Sea of Thieves players are not getting gold for chests when turning them into the Gold Hoarders. Since that’s a significant source of money, getting no gold for a chest can be a major frustration. Luckily, there are a few solutions to this issue, and it seems like for the most part your Sea of Thieves gold is actually safe and sound, if temporarily inaccessible.

Sea of Thieves Not Getting Gold for Chests Fix

It seems like there are two issues causing Sea of Thieves players to lose their gold. The first issue has to do with selling chests. There’s a possibility when you sell a chest to the Gold Hoarders, that even though the transaction seems to go through alright, you won’t actually get any gold.

Again, it seems like even though you don’t see it, your new gold has been recorded. You just have to wait a bit, and it should eventually appear. If it doesn’t, try buying something cheap and see if that works.

Sea of Thieves Disappearing Gold Fix

The second one is caused by leaving the game and joining another one. You might sell a whole bunch of chests for gold, and everything seems okay. Then, when you enter a new game, you find yourself back at 0 gold.

Don’t worry though, from reports it seems like your disappearing gold is actually still there. You can try buying something cheap (or free) like a voyage from the Gold Hoarders, and your gold should pop back up at the right amount. If it doesn’t, make sure to file a ticket with Rare.

It seems like both the above problems are being caused by massive server loads. Your gold totals are being affected by the server slowdown, and should right themselves eventually. Remember, though, if they don’t you should report your loss to tech support.

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