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Sea of Thieves Galleon vs Sloop: Which Ship Should I Choose?

The Sea of Thieves Galleon vs Sloop decision is one of the first tough choices you’ll have to make. Both ships have their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a rundown of the Sloop and Galleon ships, which should help you make an educated choice on which ship you should choose.

Sea of Thieves Galleon vs Sloop: The Sloop

The Sea of Thieves Sloop is ideal for smaller crews. It’s also great if you’re playing alone, as managing the anchor and sails is a much easier task. The Sloop’s main advantage, in addition to its ease-of-us, is its quick acceleration and maneuverability.

If you encounter enemy pirates while sailing along in a Sloop, it does have cannons that can be used to fight back, but your best bet is to quickly change direction and sail away. If a Galleon is in pursuit, weave and aim for some nearby rocks to break off the chase.

Sea of Thieves Galleon vs Sloop: The Galleon

The Sea of Thieves Galleon is mandatory when rolling with a larger crew. A Sloop simply isn’t large enough for so many players, and so a bigger ship is required. With that said, you can try and sail a Galleon with a smaller crew, though it’s a bit more complex, and will be a challenge for newcomers.

Sea of Thieves Galleon vs Sloop

Catch the wind with the Galleon’s sails and you can move very quickly. Use this to your advantage when chasing down enemy boats. Close the gap, and then let loose with the Galleon’s many cannons.

Ultimately, you can go back and choose a different type of boat, so don’t worry if you think you got the Sea of Thieves Galleon vs Sloop choice wrong!