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Buy Sea of Thieves PC: Can I Get Microsoft Game Pass for PC?

Those looking to buy Sea of Thieves PC may run into a few issues, as it’s only available through a specific digital store. You won’t be able to find the game on Steam, as it’s hosted exclusively on Xbox. What you can do, however, if you don’t fancy paying the full $60, is play it for free. Here’s what you need to know.

Buy Sea of Thieves PC: How to Buy Sea of Thieves PC

How to buy Sea of Thieves PC is pretty simple. You’ll want to either head to the Xbox app via your desktop (Xbox is installed with Windows 10) or to the official online site here. Once purchased, you’ll be able to install and play the game, but only through that Xbox app.

The benefit to having Sea of Thieves activated on PC is that it makes use of Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning you will also be able to play it on Xbox One. That’s potentially convenient.

Buy Sea of Thieves PC: Can I Get Microsoft Game Pass for PC?

Buy Sea of Thieves PC

With the launch of Xbox Game Pass, which is a subscription service granting access to over 100 Xbox games, many PC players want to know the answer to: “Can I get Microsoft Game Pass for PC?” Fortunately, the Xbox Game Pass for PC is a thing, and you can access it through the Xbox desktop app.

Simply head to the Store and you’ll see the “Xbox Game Pass” option. If you haven’t subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass before, you’ll be eligible for a 14-day free trial, effectively making those first two weeks of Sea of Thieves gameplay entirely free!