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Sea of Thieves Services Unavailable: How to Fix Services are Temporarily Unavailable

Sea of Thieves is experiencing some notable problems at launch. Along with it being struck by a bunch of error codes such as Cinnamon Beard, Bronzebeard, and Lavender Beard, a Sea of Thieves services unavailable error message is now displaying for those wishing to jump into it. Launch issues are par for the course for multiplayer games these days but after several stress tests, many are hoping that Rare will be able to figure out these problems swiftly and get everyone back into the game. However, if you’ve been prevented from playing, then you undoubtedly want to get back into the game ASAP. So, is there any way to get around the services are temporarily unavailable error?

Sea of Thieves Services Unavailable Explained

The Sea of Thieves services unavailable error message points towards Lavender Beard as the error code, though as Rare has already stated, this appears to be a firewall issue. I’ve already been playing Sea of Thieves on both Xbox One and PC for the past couple of days, which writes off sudden firewall problems, meaning that this is more than likely a connectivity issue related to the sharp influx of players.

Rare tweeted about the server problems from the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account. “In order to resolve the issues players are seeing with the servers, we will be temporarily suspending new players joining the game,” the tweet reads. “We’ll get everyone back in and playing as quickly as we can!”

How to Fix Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable Error

Unfortunately, there’s no swift solution to this particular problem. If the servers aren’t able to handle the weight of the game’s new players, then it’s down to Rare to fix these issues and bring the game online. It’s frustrating if you want to settle in for a nice evening of pirate adventure, sure, but your only option is to sit and wait for the problem to be rectified. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

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