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Sea of Thieves Founder Items and Pre-Order DLC: How to Get the Founder’s Sail and Black Dog Pack

Sea of Thieves pre-order DLC and beta participation items are available for players who meet the qualifying conditions. If you pre-ordered Sea of Thieves, you can redeem the Black Dog Pack, and for those that participated in the beta, you’ll get a DLC item called a Founder’s Sail and title. Instructions on what you need to do to get the Founder’s Sail and Black Dog Pack in Sea of Thieves are below.

How to Get the Founder’s Sail and Title Beta Participation Items in Sea of Thieves

Select Sea of Thieves players will receive a Founder’s Sail and Founder’s Title for participating in the closed alpha. Those who played in the closed alpha should receive an email informing them that they will be receiving the unique beta DLC items.

It’s not super clear right now on who qualifies for these items. I played in each alpha and beta and haven’t received an email telling me I’d get the Sea of Thieves Founder’s Sail and Title yet. It’s possible the emails may be going out in waves though.

If you qualify, you should receive a second email in the next two weeks on instructions on how to redeem them which will likely contain a code to be entered in the Xbox Store.

How to Redeem the Black Dog Pack in Sea of Thieves

For those who pre-ordered Sea of Thieves before January 26, you should already have the Black Dog Pack installed alongside Sea of Thieves. For those who ordered after January 26, you’ll need to wait until you receive an Xbox Live Message that will contain a DLC code you can redeem to get the Black Dog Pack.

The Sea of Thieves Black Dog Pack contains a special hurdy-gurdy and concertina and a Black Dog cutlass. To get the items you’ll need to look around whichever settlement you spawn at for a special Bonus Vendor. Once you find them, you can access their inventory and find your DLC items.

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