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Sea of Thieves Checking Pirate Roster: How to Fix the Greybeard and Fishbeard Errors

Those of you who were planning to tame the ocean in Sea of Thieves may have been hit by an unexpected barricade: a ‘Checking Pirate Roster’ error. The message, which comes once you’re waiting for a game, can seem unclear and often leads to Greybeard, Fishbeard, and other error codes. Here’s how to fix the checking pirate roster error.

Sea of Thieves: How to Fix Checking Pirate Roster Error

It may seem like an infuriating fix but, first of all, be patient. This Sea of Thieves checking pirate roster error ordinarily surfaces because the servers are creaking under the weight of the many, many people wanting to get their swashbuckling on during the first few hours of play. A quick reset of your console and/or internet router can also help if you’re NAT settings are particularly unfriendly.

However, you may be stuck waiting and receive one of a handful of ‘Beard’ error codes. Should you do so, here’s what you need to do.

Sea of Thieves: Checking Pirate Roster Greybeard and Fishbeard Errors

Rare has listed the majority of ‘Beard’ errors that tend to crop up around Sea of Thieves checking pirate roster messages. The explanations for those are below. However, two errors – Greybeard and Fishbeard – do not have official explanations but have only started appearing since the game’s launch, hinting that they may be server-related.

  • AvocadoBeard (You are not signed into Xbox Live)
  • AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard, CyanBeard (You require an Xbox Live Gold Membership)
  • BeigeBeard (Your Sea of Thieves client needs updating)
  • DaffodilBeard (Something has happened on Rare’s end)
  • FluffyBeard (Servers are down for an update)
  • LavenderBeard (Check your anti-virus and firewall settings, or stop using network manipulation software)
  • Lazybeard (You’re lazy. You’ve been removed from your session due to inactivity)