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Fortnite New Shotguns Explained: All New Guns, Release Date, More

If for some reason you felt like you needed an extra pew pew in your life, there are thankfully some Fortnite new shotguns and guns that are potentially coming to the game very soon. These new shotguns and guns come way of a recent leak, which is no surprise given the number of leaks for the game in the past.

The Fortnite new shotguns and guns that are coming could end up being fake, but we’ll discuss that in more detail below. Also, if these new guns are actually added, they would be some of the very first new content for the recently added iOS version that is in closed tests right now.

Fortnite New Guns Explained: All Leaked New Shotguns

Interestingly enough, don’t let the misleading searches fool you, as there is only one leaked new shotgun coming to the game, but there are several Fortnite new guns coming overall. Let’s begin with the new shotgun. The new shotgun is the Heavy Shotgun, a pump shotgun with a large magazine capacity that is capable of mid-range fire.

In addition, another of the Fortnite new guns is the Tactical Assault Rifle. This fully automatic baby is capable of all the high rate of fire you’re used, but with better accuracy due to the added sights. Next up is the FN P90, which is a machine pistol that is great for running and gunning.

Last but certainly not least of the Fortnite new guns is the Explosive Crossbow. This upgraded version of the recently released Crossbow shoots arrows that explode upon impact, causing some massive and unexpected damage to foes. Once again, it is worth noting that these leaks from Storm Shield, though likely, are not guaranteed.

Because it’s a leak, we have no word yet on the release date but keep it locked right here for a confirmation and release date soon for these leaked Fortnite new guns.