Box art - Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Flintlock Skin: How to Get the Mixer Skin

The Sea of Thieves flintlock skin for Mixer users is one of the more sought-after cosmetic unlocks. With progression in Sea of Thieves tied into cosmetic unlocks and looking good, it’s understandable why some players are desperately searching for this stylish black and green flintlock skin. Here’s how to unlock it for yourself.

Sea of Thieves Flintlock Skin: What Is It?

The Sea of Thieves flintlock skin is a camo that can make the flintlock pistol look different. It’s a purely cosmetic upgrade that won’t affect gameplay. If you spot a player with an impressive-looking set of skins, don’t worry too much, as their weapons will do the same damage as yours. (Though, if they do have more expensive skins, they’re likely pretty experienced and not to be underestimated!)

Sea of Thieves Flintlock Skin: How to Unlock the Mixer Skin

The Sea of Thieves Mixer skin is a special flintlock skin that is tied to the Xbox Mixer service. Players can unlock the black and green skin during special events. The most recent event was on March 22, where viewers were able to log into Mixer and link their Xbox account to acquire the new flintlock skin unlock.

Sea of Thieves Flintlock Skin

If you missed out on the Sea of Thieves Mixer skin last time, don’t fret too much, as it will likely be used as an incentive for future streams. I’d recommend following the Xbox social media channels for information on Mixer and how to watch. (We’ll also be reporting the events here on the site.)

If you’re looking for other ways of unlocking the Sea of Thieves Mixer skin, I’ve got some bad news for you, as it’s almost certainly going to be kept exclusively for Mixer events. On the bright side, there are loads of different cosmetics unlocks to earn and discover in Sea of Thieves. Some of them might be even cooler than the Mixer skin! Go, hunt for loot!