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Sea of Thieves Trimmed Beard and Gulliver Beard Error Fix: Is the Server Down or Experiencing Problems?

The Sea of Thieves Trimmed Beard and Gulliver Beard errors are just two in the series of beard errors that players sometimes encounter when trying to play the game. Unfortunately, Trimmed Beard and Gulliver Beard are about the least descriptive error messages you could get, and it can be incredibly frustrating to try and fix a connection issue with nothing to go on.There are a few specific reasons you may be getting the Gulliverbeard or Trimmedbeard error in Sea of Thieves (most of which involve the servers being down or having problems, and we’ll detail why it might pop up and what to do about it below.

How to Fix Sea of Thieves Trimmedbeard Error Servers Down or Having Problems

Some of the Sea of Thieves beard errors are clearly described on the game’s support page. They make whatever problem you’re having completely clear. Unfortunately, Trimmedbeard is not one of these. If you get a Trimmed Beard error code, you’re largely on your own since the support page just refers you to the game’s homepage.

We’ve done some investigating, and it seems like most players are encountering the Sea of Thieves Trimmed Beard or Gulliver Beard error when trying to start a new crew session. The servers for the game have been getting slammed since launch, and more than likely if you get any kind of beard error it’s because they’re overloaded. Usually, there’s nothing you can really do on your end that will help. However, we have a few things you can try below that might resolve any issues you may be having with your console or your network.

  • Close the game and reopen it.
  • Do a full shutdown of your Xbox One or PC and attempt to connect to the game again.
  • Reset your router.
  • Make sure Sea of Thieves isn’t being blocked by your firewall.

If none of those things work, you’re likely just stuck waiting for Rare to fix things on their end. Your best bet is to follow the official Sea of Thieves Twitter and keep checking Tweets and Replies and #SeaofThieves to keep up with what rare and other players are saying.

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