Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Wii Cheats


Complete the following to unlock the corresponding Tournament.

Cell Games: Win three and Four Rounds type tournament at BudokaiTenkaichi (the first tournament).

Mr. Money's Tournament: Win Three and Four Rounds type tournament at Cell Games.

Five Rounds Tournament: Win Three and Four Rounds type tournament at Mr. Money's Tournament.

Final Type Tournament: Win Five Rounds type tournament at every tournament.

Bulma's Desert Costume:

To unlock Bulma's Desert costume complete "Ultimate Battle Z" 100%

Easy Zenny:

In the Buu Saga, head to the top right corner of the map where you'll find Mountain Trail. Yamcha is inside and will ask you to complete a challenge. Beating it gives you 1,000,000 zenny. You can repeat this simply by reselecting the chapter.

Unlockable Characters:

100% Full Power FriezaSuper Transformation + Final Form Frieza
Android 13Computer + Hatred
Android 13 FusionAndroid 13 + Parts of #14/#15
Baby VegetaBaby + Vegeta (second form)
BojackUnsealed + Galactic Warrior
BrolySon of Paragus + Hatred of Goku
Broly Legendary Super SaiyanSuper Saiyan Broly + Breakthrough limit
Broly Super SaiyanBroly + Super Saiyan
BurterBeat him in Story mode
Captain GinyuBeat him in story mode
Cell PerfectSelf destruction + Cell Perfect Form
CoolerFrieza's Brother + Hatred of Goku
CuiFrieza's Henchmen + Vegeta's Rival
CuiVegeta's Rival + Frieza's soldier
Evil BuuEvil Human Cannonball + Majin Buu
Final Form CoolerSuper Transformation + Cooler
FriezaBeat him in story mode
Garlic Jr.Dead Zone
Garlick Jr.Demonic Star + Dead Zone
Gohan Super BuuGohan Absorbed + Evil Buu
Gotenks Super BuuGotenks Absorbed + Evil Buu
Great Ape BabySuper Baby 2 + Artificial Blutz Wave
Great Ape BardockPower Ball + Bardock
Great Ape NappaPower Ball + Nappa
Great Ape RaditzPower Ball + Raditz
Great Ape TurlesPower Ball + Turles
Great Ape VegetaPower Ball + Vegeta (Scouter)
GuldoBeat him in Story Mode
HirudegarnHildegarn's top half + Hildegarn's lower half
JanembaSaike demon + People's bad energy
JeiceBeat him in Story mode
KibitoshinSupreme Kai + Kibito
KibitoshinKibito + Supreme Kai
Majin Buu (Pure evil)Human gunman's gun + Majin Buu
Master RoshiDefeat Raditz with Goku
Mecha FriezaReconstructive Surgery + 100% Full Power Frieza
Metal CoolerBig Gete Star + Cooler
Monster ZarbonBroken Seal + Zarbon
NappaBeat him in Story
Perfect CellCell saga
RaditzBeat him in Story
RecoomeBeat him in Story Mode
SalzaCoolers soldier + Armored Cavalry
SauzerArmored Troopers + Cooler's Henchmen
SSJ 2 GokuDefeat Majin Vegeta
SSJ 3 GokuDefeat Fat Buu
SSJ Adult GohanHistory of trunks
SSJ GokuDefeat Freeza as SSJ Goku
SSJ trunks (with sword)History of trunks
Super Android #17HFIL fighter #17 + Android 17
Super Baby 1Baby Vegeta + Lower class Saiyan
Super Baby 2Super Baby 1 + Power from lower class
Super Buu Gohan absorbedAbsorb Gohan + Super Buu
Super Buu Gotenks absorbedAbsorb Gotenks + Super Buu
Super Garlick Jr.Giant Form + Garlick Jr.
Super JanembaJanemba + Ultimate transformation
Super Perfect CellSuicide Bomb + Perfect Cell
Super Yi-Shin-LongSyn Shenron + Ultimate Dragonball
Syn ShenronEvil dragon + Negative energy
TurlesThe Tree of Might
TurlesLower-Class Saiyan Soldier + Fruit of the Gods
Vegeta (android saga)Metal-cooler movie/android saga
YajirobeSaiyan Saga
ZangyaThe flowers of evil + Galactic Warrior

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