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Fortnite Guided Missile: When Is the Guided Missile Release Date?

Epic Games has confirmed that a Fortnite guided missile will soon be added to Battle Royale. The guided missile will give players the power to rain down “remote control destruction from above.” With rocket launchers already present in the game, players will no doubt be curious about what makes the guided missile so special.

Fortnite Guided Missile: What Is It?

The Fortnite guided missile is a new weapon that is “coming soon” to Battle Royale. It allows for “remote control destruction from above.” I imagine that to mean the rockets, once fired, can then be triggered to explode remotely. This could be useful when firing over enemy cover, where timing it just right would make the missile explode right above their head.

The addition of the Fortnite guided missile will mean another explosive launcher for players to use. This could make for an annoying amount of rocket spam. However, it is possible that Epic Games will rotate the existing rocket launchers out, and swap the guided missiles in. We’ll have to wait and see what the developers decide is best.

Fortnite Guided Missile

Fortnite Guided Missile: When is the Guided Missile Release Date?

Epic Games has revealed that the Fortnite guided missile will be “coming soon.” This usually means within the same week, so I’d expect it to be added before March 31. However, as we saw happen with the Fortnite jetpack, delays can happen.

The Fortnite guided missile may also be part of a new limited time mode, where special sets of rules are put into place, making for a unique gameplay experience. I don’t think a “Guided Missile Only” playlist would go down too well with the community, but I’m sure the developers can come up with something fun.

Once the Fortnite guided missile is available to use, we’ll of course let players know. Keep an eye on GameRevolution for all of the latest Fortnite news and guides.