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Fortnite Matchmaking Disabled Ahead of Season 6 Update

A Fortnite matchmaking disabled error is currently preventing players from accessing the game’s servers, with its matchmaking temporarily disabled due to Epic Games rolling out the new Fortnite update. So when will the Fortnite servers be back up, and how long will the update last? Read on to find out.


Fortnite Matchmaking Has Been Temporarily Disabled

If you tried to log on to Fortnite today and received a “matchmaking has been temporarily disabled” error, then not to worry: you aren’t the only one. Epic Games has brought its servers offline in preparation for its Season 6 update, meaning that there will be “extended downtime” for the game.

The Season 6 update will bring with it a brand new Battle Pass complete with new challenges. Epic Games has already dropped several teases pertaining to the new update, including a llama wearing DJ gear, a cowgirl skin, and a wolf skin. As has been the case with previous Fortnite seasons, it’s likely that these skins will each be unlockable by way of completing challenges.

As noted by Epic Games on Twitter, progressive outfits can still be leveled up from Season 5 in all future seasons once they’ve been unlocked in the Battle Pass.

How Long Does Fortnite Server Downtime Last?

The Fortnite servers were brought down at around 4 AM EDT, which is a particularly early update time for the developer. Not wanting many players to be hit with the error, it seems that Epic wanted to begin rolling out the update when most US players were asleep.

Epic hasn’t revealed when the Fortnite servers will be back online, though updates for the game are usually completed between 9 AM EDT, so stay tuned around that time to see what Season 6 has to offer. With that being said, it shouldn’t be long before the game is back online, and Fortnite players can continue to hunt for that Victory Royale.