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PUBG Savage Map: How to Access the 4×4 Map

The PUBG Savage map will be available to PC players starting April 2, running up until April 5. This new 4x4km map promises fast-paced gameplay, with an area that’s four times smaller than the existing Erangel and Miramar maps. Unfortunately, accessing this chaotic map is going to be down to luck, with PUBG Corp. employing a closed trial state and entry via keys. Here’s how to access the 4×4 map.

PUBG Savage Map: What Is the New PUBG Map?

The new PUBG Savage map will join the current Erangel and Miramar environments, but will bring a more tropical feel. It’s also a lot smaller, measuring 4x4km. Despite the reduced size, there will be 100 players dropping onto the play area. This will undoubtedly make for some fast and frantic scavenging and engagements, with players having a lot less room to work with.

“Savage” is actually a codename and is not actually the final title. Codename: Savage is in a very early state, and so players should expect many bugs and texture work in need of fixing. PUBG Corp. is giving players this level of early access to get “feedback as soon as possible and drive the development in the right direction.”

PUBG Savage Map: How to Access the PUBG 4×4 Map

PUBG Savage Map

Accessing the new PUBG Savage map isn’t going to be as simple as just booting up the Test Server and loading into the game. Unfortunately, it looks as though access will be entirely down to luck, with PUBG Corp. advising players to “keep an eye on [PUBG] social channels to maximize channels of getting a key.”

The first test period will last from April 2 to April 5, with access only being given to those with trial keys.

PUBG Corp. will be updating players on Monday about how they can participate. We’d recommend following @PUBATTLEGROUNDS on Twitter to avoid missing out!