SSX Blur Wii Cheats

Cheat Menu

Go to the cheat menu and enter one of the following codes.

Passwords are case sensitive.


NoHoldsAll Characters Unlocked
DisableThemAll cheats have been DISABLED!
AllStarsEvery character's stats have been boosted to the max!
FullGasTankNow your groove will always be maxed out - get ready to pull off some sweet tricks!
ClothShopUnlock all clothes
MasterKeyUnlocks all tracks
FairPlayWell, your wish has been granted - all your stats are as low as they can go!
WildFurYeti costume
BlankRecordYou have reset all the high scores to their defaults!
SportShopYou just unlocked all boards and skis!
ArtistryYou've unlocked all the concept art in the game Go take a look in the extras section!
ComboerYou've unlocked all the ubertricks!

Thanks to Revolution Readers miked and ZZAga!