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PUBG Cross-Platform 2019 | Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mobile (iOS, Android) guide

The PUBG cross-platform 2019 support list is growing longer and longer, with the most recent announcement detailing that Xbox One and PS4 players will be able to play with one other. PUBG cross-play support like this is huge for gamers, as it allows them to enjoy games with friends, despite owning different systems, and to find matches much more quickly, with a larger pool of players to matchmake with. Now that developer PUBG Corp has brought cross-play to Xbox One and PS4, what about cross-platform PC and mobile, Xbox One and PC, and all of the other combinations? Here’s our guide to PUBG cross-platform support in 2019.

PUBG Cross-Platform 2019 Support List

PUBG Cross-Platform 2019

PUBG Xbox One and PS4 cross-platform support

PUBG Xbox One and PS4 cross-platform support was announced during the Inside Xbox Gamescom 2019 presentation. PUBG‘s community manager explained that Xbox One and PS4 cross-play will find 100 players per match from both console communities, and also that matchmaking times should be improved.

The PUBG Xbox One and PS4 cross-play release date is set for early October, though Test Server participants can trial the cross-platform support in late September.

The answer to “Can Xbox One and PS4 players play PUBG together?” will soon be “Yes.”

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PUBG Xbox One and PC cross-platform support

While Microsoft has been pushing to support Xbox One and PC cross-play in its own Xbox PC app and storefront, as well as with its “Play Anywhere” scheme, PUBG Xbox One and PC cross-platform support is not yet a thing, nor does it seem to be planned or in the works.

PUBG Xbox One and mobile cross-platform support

The console and PC version of PUBG is actually completely different to the PUBG Mobile version of the game. This unfortunately means that, no, PUBG Xbox One and mobile cross-platform support isn’t currently available. With how different the two versions are, I wouldn’t be expecting cross-play support to ever become a reality.

PUBG PS4 and PC cross-platform support

Unfortunately, this is the same situation as the Xbox One, with PUBG PS4 and PC cross-platform support not being a thing. No, PUBG PS4 and PC players can’t play together, and no it isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

PUBG PS4 and mobile cross-platform support

Like we explained in the Xbox One and mobile example, it’s unlikely that PUBG PS4 and mobile cross-platform support will ever be a thing, as the versions of the game are so drastically different. So no, at the time of writing, PS4 and mobile cross-play is not yet supported.

PUBG mobile and PC cross-platform support

This is where things get interesting, as PUBG mobile and PC cross-platform support is actually possible. However, it’s not through the PC Steam version of the game. Instead, PC players have to download the official PUBG emulator, which will allow them access to the mobile version of the game. From there, PUBG mobile and PC cross-play is supported.

PUBG Cross-Platform 2020 Plans

PUBG Cross-Platform 2019

With PUBG Xbox One and PS4 cross-platform support having been announced and coming very soon, it seems like almost anything is possible. With Fortnite having pushed to bring cross-play and cross-progression across all supported platforms, perhaps the next step is PUBG cross-progression in 2020?

It’s also possible that PUBG and PUBG Mobile will slowly become more similar, with the former losing its more serious themes, trading them in for the sillier Mobile vibe. Though I’m sure the developers will want to gauge the community’s reaction before making huge, swooping changes.

Expect to hear more from PUBG Corp. in 2020, where we’ll likely learn more about PUBG Season 5.